PROJECTLong March Project - Yang Shaobin Coal Mining Project (2004-2008)

Project Description

“长征计划——杨少斌:煤矿项目”以现实主义的态度切入农业生产方式转型与工业化社会进程中产生的一系列问题。项目用艺术家介入现实的方法,以煤矿——这个结合了土地、身份、矿产、拥有者、权 力、权利、农耕文化与都市化建设的种种矛盾集合点为观照点,通过对现实的体验,以独特的角度提出一个现代化进程中的现实问题。

Long March Project––Yang Shaobin Coal Mining Projects (2004-2008)

“Yang Shaobin Coal Mining Projects” (2004-2008) delved into the collective memory of industrialization and social growth in modern China. As part of the Long March Project, this artist-led research program was a meditation on the intersecting nodes between modern Chinese culture, the country’s recent social development, and an evolving historical consciousness among the working class. Titled “800 Meters Under,” the first stage of this project focused on the coal mining districts in Kailun and Tangshan. The second stage, “X–Blind Spot,” saw Yang Shaobin continue his visual exploration of the expanding coal mining industry in China and its effects on the miners by visiting the mines in Hebei province, Shanxi province, and Inner Mongolia.