PROJECTLong March Archive (2018-)

Project Description

Long March Archive is an ongoing project of self-reflection on the Long March Project’s own history to uncover the obscured current reconnecting the past and present, in order to inspire new interpretations and ways of seeing. The subject of our work at Long March Archive include objects, texts, films, research materials generated by past projects, as well as Long Marchers and the organizing structure, mission statement, curatorial methodology of Long March Project as an entity. We aspire to create a system that allows the archives to be viewed through a perspective of history that adheres to Long March’s ethos, to unveil the complexity and continuity inherent in time and history, in the hope to better understand and contemplate the era we are in now. While redisplaying materials from the archive, we are also tasked to foster the possibility of a new context coursing alongside future projects. In other words, this publication signifies a hopeful aim to reflect, without delving into static categorization and an enclosure of the past projects, the ad hoc quality of those objects functioned as a constituent part of the whole.