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2015. Sheng Project (2015– )

Sheng Project is a joint curatorial project between the Long March Project and Institute of Contemporary Art and Social Thought in China Academy of Art. Launched in 2015 as a longue durée enquiry into the complexity of its subject, the project takes Zheng Shengtian (Sheng), an eminent pioneer in Chinese contemporary art, his life and art career more than seven decades, as the subject of research. By scrutinizing his encounters in art and life experiences for more than a half century, it attempts to reactivate our sense and perception of Chinese art and society in the Revolution and post-Revolution era.

2005. Long March Project––Chinatown (2005-2007)

Continuing with the movement and journey-based research and display method first introduced in “Long MarchA Walking Visual Display” (2003), “Long March ProjectChinatown” was divided into three stages, held respectively in Yokohama (2005), San Francisco (2005) and Oakland (2007). Marching across varied geographies and countries, through disparate histories and cultures, “Chinatown” was an ambitious project fueled by an urge to help the Chinese immigrants write back to their respective local context.