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2019. 11.02-1.08 Long March Project: The Deficit Faction

2nd Nov 2019 to 8th Jan 2020, Long March Space

Participating Artists: Yin-Ju Chen & Li-Chun Lin / Sheryl Cheung / Aracha Cholitgul / Fong Fo / Hotel Asia Project with Gen Sasaki & Keiichi Miyagawa / Ayoung Kim / Meiro Koizumi / Lee Kai-Chung / Yong Xiang Li / Liang Shuo / Long March Collective / Mao Chenyu / Planet Marx / Xiaoshi Qin / Alessandro Rolandi & Zhao Tianji (Social Sensibility R&D Department) / Miti Ruangkritya / Tao Hui / Yi Xin Tong / Wang Tuo / Xiyadie

2019. 03-12 Planet Marx, 2019

We invite ongoing exhibition/research projects to share their reading materials at the intersection between technology, nature, indigeneity, and ethnicity. These texts will be collected and compiled to form a series of cross-exhibition readers, which function as tissues and neurons between different exhibitions, aiming for an organic discursive framework.

2015. Sheng Project (2015– )

Sheng Project is a joint curatorial project between the Long March Project and Institute of Contemporary Art and Social Thought in China Academy of Art. Launched in 2015 as a longue durée enquiry into the complexity of its subject, the project takes Zheng Shengtian (Sheng), an eminent pioneer in Chinese contemporary art, his life and art career more than seven decades, as the subject of research. By scrutinizing his encounters in art and life experiences for more than a half century, it attempts to reactivate our sense and perception of Chinese art and society in the Revolution and post-Revolution era.