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Long March Project – Chinatown

“Long March Project – Chinatown” was carried out between 2005-2007 in three locations: Yokohama, San Francisco and Auckland. The project mobilised elements of exhibition, education, activity, investigation, and  performance in its execution. Long March Project’s participation in biennials and academia is not for the purpose of achieving a unique exhibition within existing frameworks, but to employ project frameworks to attain locally-mobilised influence. The various practices that “Chinatown” realizes further complicate the Western idea of the East, the multi-layered richness offered up by the word “Chinatown” entering into the minds of local communities and transferring into public consciousness.

One of the consequences of globalization is the globalization of migration. What is the meaning of the “globalization of Chinatown?” There is no way to calculate the population of the Chinese diaspora, just as there is no way to calculate how many Chinatowns there are in the world. As a consequence of the migration of people with different geographical, linguistic, cultural, ethical, class, ideological, political backgrounds, the Chinese international community is already a hybrid community of “migrants”. The curatorial method of the Long March seeks to uncover the linkages between history and the present; between the visual narratives and imaginations of different societies; between the contexts and texts understood through the language of art. Continuing with the Long March methodology of movement and journey, “Long March Project – Chinatown” will march for an indeterminate period of time across different geographies and countries, histories and cultures.


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