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In 2002, When the Long March team returned to Beijing from the 12th stop of “Long March — A Walking Visual Display”, they decided to set up a temporary base in 798 factory complex in Dashanzi; inspired by the Maoist guerrilla tactic of encircling cities with villages, this location acted as their stronghold to prepare for the next leg of the march. In April the following year, 25000 Cultural Transmission Center, Long March’s physical base, opened its door. Since then, it has also been known as Long March Space.

Long March Independent Space

Long March Independent Space

Location: Long March Space, Beijing (formerly known as 25000 Cultural Transmission Center)

Duration: Dec 17, 2005 – Feb 26, 2006

The Long March Independent Space was established in June 2005 as an open experimental space for art incubation. From 2005 to 2007, 15 exhibitions were held here, including solo exhibitions of various artists including Deng Dafei, Daxiang, Liu Ding, Cui Guangyu, Zheng Shijuan, Ren Xiaoyao, Wang Gongxin, Wang Peng, Li Shurui, Hu Liu, Tang Yi, Chen Jie, Qiu Zhijie, Li Lipeng, Liu Xun, Wen Peng, Wang Wei, Tao Aimin, Rania Ho, Zhao Yue, Li Yang, Zhang Lianxi, etc.