Site-visit Initiative


Time: May 20 – September 30, 2006

Location: Yan’an

Artists: Feng Mengbo, Liang Yue, Miu Xiaochun, Shi Jinsong, Yu Hong, Zhong Biao


Conceived of in 1999, begun in 2002, and ongoing today, the Long March Project is a complex and multifaceted art and social project that uses visual display to reconstitute and revisit different contexts, geographies, histories, and cultures across borders and limits. Alike its journey, Long March Project itself has keeping moving forward since its very beginning.


The process of Long March Project has always been alongside with contradiction, consideration and criticism though Long March Project has encouraged considerable successful artworks while being an emerging platform as well as a unique system for artists to experience, to create, to communicate and to display. Long March Space has realized a few good artworks and exhibitions, while Long March Project has produced many as well during its organic and alternative practice in biennales and exhibitions overseas. It is believed that more great artworks should be brought on site except for collaboration with local resource. Thus, many artists suggest a site-visit program.


Site-visit, as an important component of contemporary art production relations, similar to yet not equal to traditional life experience. Since Long March Yan’an Project, we selectively invites:

Artists handed in their proposal to Long March Yan’ an Station since 2002;

Artists willing to participate and collaborate with Long March Project;

Artists that we intended to invite yet haven’t got the chance to collaborate before.

We invites a few artists to visit Yan’an, discussing about proposal and budget. Currently, Feng Mengbo, Liang Yue, Miao Xiaochun, Shi Jinsong, Yu Hong and Zhong Biao are coming to Yan’an.

Meanwhile, except for participating in site-visit program, artists could experience, observe and supervise various activities during Long March Project – Yan’an.


Mission and Plan

Artists in site-visit program could unfold further discussion on time, approach and venue of artwork if they would like to participate in Long March Project in the future. Long March Yan’an Project is not a final target but to continue moving forward. It is of great significance that Yan’an Project indicates a consideration of strategy adjustment facing the emerging contemporary art world as well as the self-criticism and summary after a comma during the walking practice of Long March Project in the past.